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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day

As we drove to HEB for our typical Sunday shopping trip, my daughter talked about getting me a Mother's Day gift.  She even brought her wallet with $26.  I told her there wasn't a need to get me something, but in typical Cami fashion, she was insistent.  Approaching the store, she told me what aisle she would be on, but gave me instructions not to watch her.  She returned within 2 minutes.  She told me she was going to pay and not to look.  I suddenly panicked because she can't count money.  I said, "let me come help you or I can pay and you can pay me back." Nope.  She was on a mission.  I watched in awe as my 10 year old sometimes I'm independent but sometimes I need you daughter walked confidently to the express lane, waited in line, and paid (with NO trouble)!  As I watched, I cried.  What a special gift I've been given in her.  Smiling, she walked over to me and I hugged her tightly to tell her how special she is.  In the car, she directed me to close my eyes.  She couldn't wait to give me 3 tubes of lipstick. Two are colors she thinks I would have chosen (and she was correct) and 1 was a crazy, bold color that is to be used for going out! How fun.  I'm so proud of my girl and I thank God daily for my blessing.

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