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Sunday, January 24, 2010


Great weekend! Friday was BB practice. Cami plays on an all boys team. They think she's tough, but Friday night she was tripped and she bawled! All the boys (coaches included) just stared at her. She is tough, but she still has estrogen!

Game Saturday, they lost, but she played well.

Two birthday parties Saturday. One was for her friend Aiden. We saw the Tooth Fairy, super cute! The other was for my friend Erin! Both were great.

Today, Cami had a huge agenda, but so did and laundry. I know, yuck. It is terrible we have to use our weekends to catch up, at least it is for an 8 year old. We only got to 2 of her things on her agenda, the obstacle course for her magic beans, and Yoyo's. I got to all the things on my agenda so we were both happy.

She is sleeping, the house is clean, laundry is still going, and I'm going to relax. But Brothers and Sisters is a repeat..ick! Guess I'll go to bed early...

Have a great week!

Thursday, January 21, 2010