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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thank you

Thank you, God. Thank you for blessing me with my amazing little girl. Thank you for choosing me to be her mother. I didn't realize I would need to discuss death, or relationships (family, BOYS, and girlfriends) so often. However, today I realized that these experiences help her understand life, the importance of relationships, death and You.

We had a tragic, terrible experience this morning. We tried to save a little white dog trotting down a road full of traffic. We attempted to happily lure her into the car, in the dark. The dog didn't respond, and headed right into the intersection of a major highway, only to be hit (as I heard, and my daughter saw) by a "monster truck." Do you know what my angel said? Through her tears, she put her hands in a "why" gesture and said, "God always has a purpose." Really?! I wasn't even "there" yet in my own head, and my 9 year old recognized that? In fact, I was pissed. I was thinking, "WHY did you let my daughter see this? WHY?" I'm seriously amazed by her. From the time she was 3 and recognized my grief at the loss of my father, to now. Talk about intuitive. I've never been so proud of anything in my life.

The experience this morning and the fact that she can describe the scene in detail disturb me. However at the end of the day, she donated $45 of her own money to an animal shelter "in memory of the dog that died today." Thank you for reminding me of my blessings. I'm sorry it took this tragic event to remember.


Mel said...

You have a beautiful child in so many ways. And I know where she got such compassion.


mbc said...

This is a great story to remind us the great things that come from tragedy. Look at Cami every day and know what an awesome young lady you've raised!